7 Must Haves For All Chinchilla Cages (Does Your Chin Have These?)

Most people know that Chinchillas need food and water, that's just common sense, but do you know what they need everyday in their cages to keep them healthy and happy? In this article I'll tell you exactly what your Chin needs, and a few things that are optional too. Space is valuable in a chinchilla […]

What Are Some Pet Names In Spanish Or Romantic Names to Call Your Lover?

If you are looking for pet names in Spanish to use with your “novio” or “novia,” in this article you will find plenty of pet names or romantic names in the Spanish language that you can use to call your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other. Here’s a list that I have compiled of some […]

Living With Pets: What Can It Do For You?

Man’s love for animals is best exemplified by his passion for pets. Many persons have lived with pets, mostly domesticated types because of many reasons. One of which is due to health reasons. According to several studies, pets greatly help in reducing the stress of their owners. People tend to become more relaxed after playing […]

How to Text a Girl – 5 Secret Texting Tips to Create Massive Attraction

Ignoring her, and having TONS of fish on the line A lot of guys will focus only on one girl and at the same time drive her away, why is this? Imagine you are fishing, and only have one “rod” in the water. You will inherently pay too much attention to the line and jump […]