A Fairytale Princess Wedding

If you have always described your dream wedding as royal, and long to feel like a princess on your wedding day, this is your chance to bring your dream to life. From the perfect bridal gown to the horse-drawn carriage to Prince Charming, this is a look at what it takes to plan the ultimate fairytale princess wedding.

Begin by choosing a location fit for royalty. Hands down, a castle would be the best! If you have always loved the fantasy of Disney, there are also some special venues there dedicated to creating that “happily ever after” storybook type of wedding. Look for a wedding venue with lots of rich details, such as high ceilings with crown molding and glittering crystal chandeliers. Carpeting should be in a regal color like purple or burgundy, or rich wood parquet flooring would be great. (The color of the carpet really does matter, because it will influence what colors will look good for tablecloths and even the centerpieces.) A grand entrance is another must, as you want your guests to feel like they are truly stepping into a royal wedding when they arrive.

Speaking of grand entrances, how about having the bride announced by trumpets as she begins the processional? A long aisle at the ceremony location is a great way to add drama to your entrance. Nothing less will do for a fairytale wedding than an extravagant princess bridal gown! Rich, heavy embellishments such as gold and silver beading, ornate embroidery, and thousands of sparkling crystals are perfect to give your gown the royal feeling. The classic silhouette of a fitted bodice with a very full skirt is always flattering and is very princess-like. If your venue has a long enough aisle, you may even wish to consider ordering your gown with a cathedral length train. Crystal bridal jewelry sets, tiaras, and long veils are the perfect finishing touches for any princess bride. Instead of Cinderella’s glass slippers, treat yourself to a fabulous pair of designer shoes, complete with buckles or brooches as sparkly as those crystal bridal jewelry sets. You will look and feel every bit the royal bride you have always dreamed of being!

The reception for a fairytale royal wedding should be lavish. This is the time to really pull out all the stops. Think ice sculptures, towering candelabras, and extravagant centerpieces. Have servers in white gloves pamper your guests with rich foods like caviar, filet mignon, and rivers of Champagne. Hire a really excellent band to keep the party going. If your guest list (and budget) are is on the large side, think about going as large as a 20 piece band, which will really wow your guests. You can even have fancy thrones for the bride and groom to sit in at their head table. Why not? Nothing is too good for a princess, after all.

Something else that every princess bride needs is a carriage. Instead of the standard limo, rent a carriage pulled by pure white horses. If you really want to go all out with the wedding theme, it is even possible to hire carriages which are modeled after Cinderella’s famous coach (the pre-pumpkin version!). This will be the perfect vehicle to whisk the newlyweds to their reception after the ceremony, and to their hotel at the end of the reception. Speaking of the end of the reception, plan something to make your grand exit special, like a fireworks display. If fireworks are not possible at your location, hand out sparklers so your guests can light up your path as they send you off cheering to start your new life together as Mr. and Mrs. Prince Charming.

Source by Laura Firenze

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