Basic Mastiff Dog Care

The Mastiff is a large powerful dog and they come in a variety of colors. They are not as playful as some dogs and some tend to be rather laid back. It is a loyal, courageous, dignified dog, and is not known to be a playful breed. They can learn and excel in obedience training if properly trained because its desire to please its owner.

The mastiff is known to be one of the most powerful dogs in the world. Although these dogs are unusually large they are very gentle with their families however they are territorial and are known to be leery of strangers. As they mature they will become increasingly devoted to the well being of their master. Because of its reputation of being an agreeable laid-back dog, it is also know as a “gentle giant”.

The Mastiff coat colors range from silver and apricot to fawn and brindle. Sometimes the Mastiff can even be a red color. The coat is easy to care for and close knit. Their eye color is brown and a darker brown is a desirable trait.

Mastiffs do not need extensive exercise. They prefer lighter activities such an occasional walk a couple time a week for short periods of time. Some of the breeds like the Bull Mastiff do not do well in hot weather at all and will seek the comfort of an air conditioned house instead of a romp in the back yard.

It is important to train a young mastiff early in life to be well mannered. This will assist in it being a manageable and useful pet. These dogs tend to grow large quickly so it is important to get control of them. An untrained mastiff that jumps up on people with its massive bulk can be dangerous even if that is not its intentions to hurt anyone.

The Mastiff is one of the larger breed of dog but makes a great family pet. Treating them with love, giving them proper care and training will ensure that you will have a wonderful companion and pet.

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