Being Cat Smart is Loving Your Cat's Inner Tiger

If you are the human companion of a cat, you and your cat are more likely than just close friends. Specifically, you likely share a special spiritual bond of trust and love. For you, your cat is the gift that keeps on giving.

What does your cat do for you?

It accepts and loves you unconditionally wherever you win the lottery or not.

It provides you with an ever-ready, friendly "Glad to see you!" Greeting.

It listens to you attentively and sympathetically.

It Touches you and saves your touch in return.

It keeps your loyal friend, pal, confidante, enthusiastic playmate, and your greatest admirer.

What makes your relationship with your cat so special is the "magic of differences." You and your cat are different species. You look at life differently. You have different needs and wants. You have different "values." You have different motivations. You communicate and behave differently. And yet, you can understand and accept one another for who you are. You can cherish the differences as well as the commonalities. As writer-historian Hilaire Belloc said, "You are my cat and I am your human."

It is this understanding and acceptance that creates your mutual bond of trust and love. BUT … IS IS NOT ALWAYS EASY …

Even in the best, closest, most spiritual relationships there are times when your cat drives you a little crazy … or a lot crazy ! We're talking frustration, anger, and anxiety. So what can you do about this? It is imperative that you understand your cat's psychology, communication, desires and needs, and behaviors. And, it is also imperative that you understand your own thoughts and feelings about your cat, your life together, and your own actions toward your cat.

Understanding and accepting is the toughest part of any relationship, including human relations. However, it is especially tough when you and your company do not communicate in the same ways or have the same frames of reference. But … you can make your relationship with your cat even better: even more fun, less contentious, and mutually enjoyable. You can do it by discovering more fully …

1. How your cat communicates in 6 different ways

2. How you can effectively communicate with your cat

3. How to understand your cat's inner tiger and its impact on its behavior today

4. What kind of stimulation your cats need to keep it content and healthy

5. How to be more accepting of your cat's personality quirks

6. How to modify your cat's mood and behavior while staying loving pals with it.

Your willingness to understand and accept your cat on its own terms as a non-human being and companion can go a long way toward making your relationship more loving, wherein you not only love your cat more but also love yourself more as a result.

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