Cat Behavior – Cat Not Using Litter Box

Cats not using the litter box is one of the top complaints of cat owners. Why do not cats want to use the litter box? What can I do to quickly solve the problem? Fortunately many people have been in your shoes before, so there are lots of answers out there.

Cat behavior problems are one of the main reasons why cats are given over to shelters by their owners. The two most common cat behavior problems involve the cat not using the litter box, and feline aggression.

Cats not using the litter box can be divided into two primary categories; medical and non medical causes. Medical causes could include common diseases like feline lower urinary tract syndrome or lower urinary tract syndromes. Common signs of these are cats frequently urinating in small amounts or painful urinating.

Non-medical causes of cats not using the litter box are primarily due to stress. This stress could be from a new baby or visitor in the house, or even something seemingly as minor as a change in the household routine.

Some causes of cats not using the litter box, have nothing to do with them but with us. Sometimes we forget and close the door leading to the litter box shutting off access to use the litter box. Sometimes we place litter boxes near noisy washing machines that scare the cat away.

Whenever you encounter your cat not using the litter box you should first seek veterinary help. They are the experts in ruling out medical versus non-medical causes of behavior problems.

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