Choosing a New Puppy

Dogs are terrific, loyal and loving companions that bring a lot of happiness, joy and entertainment into our lives. Selecting a new puppy as a family member is a very big decision, often confusing and not one you approach casually. There are so many different breeds of dogs from tiny Chihuahua's to huge Great Danes. When choosing a new puppy, it is extremely important to education yourself on not only the breed of dog but also its temperament and personality. You also need to consider how much maintenance and grooming the breed requires, as some people do not want to brush their pets daily, while others are happy spending time doing this.

Never choose a puppy just because it is adorable and too cute to leave. That does not necessarily make them the right choice for your household. Adorable puppies can cause many problems if they are not suited to your family's environment. Remember, all puppies are cute but when choosing a pet that will spend many years with you, it is important to learn as much as possible about each breed you are considering.

Each dog breed has some distinct traits or instincts. For instance, hunting dogs may not fit into a family household where they have small pets such as birds, rabbits or even cats. A herding dog may spend its time rounding up the children by nipping their legs, instead of sheep or cattle. High maintenance dogs that need a lot of grooming are not good as outdoor dogs. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is research before you purchase a new puppy.

Tiny or toy dog ​​breeds are not a great choice for families with small children. Many are delicate and accidentally dropping or jumping on them can easily injure the dog. Some large sized dogs are too rambunctious when it comes to small children. If you are looking for a puppy as a pet for your child or as a family pet, here are a few of many breeds that are normally good with children and adults:

Bichon Frise – Although they need regular grooming, these small dogs are gentle, affectionate and love children. They love to play as long as the children are not too rough.

Boston terrier – They are a small dog but very intelligent, lively and make a great child's companion.

English setter – Although they are a large dog, they are extremely mellow and loving.

Jack Russell Terrier – Extremely high-energy and playful just like children, this dog needs lots of exercise. They make a great watchdog and are very intelligent. Jack Russell Terriers make wonderful family pets.

Cairn terriers – These small dogs make wonderful playmates and are able to adjust their behavior and mood to that of the child or adult.

Basset Hound – These calm, stubborn and loyal dogs are great in most households. They love playing with children and are sweet and friendly.

Even when we know that certain breeds of dogs are usually great with children or families, there are exceptions, so it is extremely important to not only socialize but also train your dog well.

Source by Kelly Marshall

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