Christmas Symbols

“We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” Christmas is coming! With all the activities, family members, gifts and delicious food to look forward to, let us first review all these Christmas symbols.

Santa Claus:

The legend of Santa Claus appeared in Scandinavia thousands of years ago. In Nordic mythology, Odin – the God of wisdom, art, poetry and war rode his eight-foot horse everywhere to punish the evil, promote the good and distribute gifts in winter. At the same time, his son Thor with red cloth and using lightning as a weapon were in a fierce battle with the gods of snow, and ultimately won. There were also legends that Santa Claus came from the St. Nicholas, so Santa Claus is also known as St. Nicholas. Because most of these stories carry forward the spirit of Christ, its sources and stories were mostly forgotten, but Santa Claus is in the spirit of the world forever.

Christmas tree:

Whether you are Christian or not, you would better likely to prepare a Christmas tree during Christmas for increasing the festive atmosphere. Christmas tree is a symbol of forever life. It is decorated with all kinds of candles, colorful flowers, toys and stars and, being hung on a variety of Christmas gifts. During Christmas Eve, we sing and dance around the Christmas tree, enjoying the fun.

Christmas stockings:

They used to be a pair of red socks with uncertain sizes. Because of being used for putting gifts, they are the most favorite thing of children during Christmas. They will hang their socks on the side of bed, waiting for the gifts received next morning. Well, we all have the same history, aren’t we?


Mistletoe represents for hope and fertility. There is a saying goes that, “There is no happiness without mistletoe”. It is the lucky plant for people who were born on December 24th. It is evergreen and the representation of perseverance and regeneration. Therefore, it is said that people who are blessed by it will have superior willpower and firm goals in life, resisting any temptation and never giving up when facing difficulties.

Christmas wreath:

It is usually made up of green foliage or cane (pine leaf, pine needles, etc.), silver metal and gold bells with red ribbon. The main colors are green, white, yellow and red, representing happiness and joy. It says “MERRY CHRISTMAS” or abbreviated as “Xmas”. Well, that’s our usual way. Do you get any new ideas for your Christmas wreath this year?

I just listed out the most famous five symbols. Of course, there are still numerous Christmas symbols out there. We love Christmas not because it is a holiday, but because it is a chance for our family members and friends to get together.

Source by Patricia E Klem

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