Dog Training – Why Teach Your Dog The Sit Command?

What is so special about your dog being able to sit when you say to do so? It is not so much the sitting itself which is important, but the fact that you get your dog to take notice of you and do exactly as you say.

It is not that there is anything particularly useful about the dog being able to adopt a particular pose. No, it is the fact that your dog understands totally and immediately just who is in charge of what he is doing. The ability to interrupt any behavior just now and bring the dog under your command is just so useful in many ways at any time during the day, wherever you are.

When a dog is small enough and not too strong, you can get away with physically controlling them by use of a collar and leash. If you are alert and watching what they do one hundred percent of the time, you can probably control their behavior well enough to avoid most problems.

When this method is adopted, the dog simply treats every incident as play and can probably appear to be perfectly happy. However, to be practical in the real world, where there are distractions and many unforeseen circumstances, the value of being able to bring your dog properly under control soon becomes obvious.

Without the ‘pack leader’s’ influence, most dog’s behavior would be very unpredictable and could be very much a nuisance to anyone who is not an avid animal lover and has a fondness for the eccentric antics of your particular type of pooch.

Once you and your pet have become used to each other, it is really important that you establish just who is in control. There are a number of commands which it is wise to master: stay, come, leave it etc., but to bring the dog immediately under your total control, make sure the dog fully understands and responds correctly to your command “sit”.

Some trainers like to reinforce the verbal command with hand gestures and some even use hand gestures alone. I prefer the dog to respond to the sound of ‘his master’s voice’ and I get a great deal of pleasure from the look of expectation, showing that he is wondering what is to come next.

There is so much positive to be gained in the relationship between man and dog, so the effort of making sure the dog’s behavior is always appropriate is rewarded by a happy loyal companion.

Developing your relationship with your dog is so important, particularly in the beginning, so make sure to get the right help and advice if and when you need it.

Source by John Vine

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