Fish Keeping For Beginners

Fish keeping is a great hobby for a myriad of reasons. Keeping an aquarium full of beautiful and healthy fish does not only offer an amazing pastime, it is also a fairly cheap hobby to get started with. However, because there are numerous considerations that need to be made when setting up your own aquarium at home, fish keeping can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for beginners.

With knowledge on fish keeping though, you will find that setting up your own aquarium at home and caring for these wonderful little creatures is an extremely easy and fun thing to do! Here are some considerations you need to make before you jump into this hobby.

What Fish Species Should I Choose?

Selecting fish species can be a challenging task as your options are as unlimited as the imagination. These fish species, however, can be categorized into: tropical or freshwater fish, Gold Fish, Cichlids, and marine or saltwater fish. And while it may be tempting to just choose whatever species that you think would be so cool to keep as pets, it is essential to take note that each species has unique requirements to live healthy and happy. For example, tropical freshwater fish normally thrive in water conditions similar to that of tropical climate areas like Asia and South Africa. On the other hand, although they are freshwater fish, Cichlids like Angels, Discus or Oscars also require unique water conditions in order for them to survive.

If you are new to fish keeping, choosing sturdy and adaptable fish species such as Koi or Gold Fish is strongly recommended. Koi or Gold Fish are the type of fish that are easier to keep for beginners as they require the least care.

But of course, the decision is yours to make! Learning about your options as well as their unique requirements and characteristics is sure to help you make the right decision.

Should I Opt For A Small Or Large Tank?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a tank and these include the types of fish you want to have as well as the sensitivity and temperament of the fish to water movements and levels of nitrogenous waste. While opting for a bigger aquarium is an advantage because it has less nitrogenous waste concentration, it is also more resilient to drastic changes in water chemistry and temperature. Thus, purchasing a medium-sized aquarium is recommended for those who want to keep fish species that have high sensitivity to those conditions.

Another factor to consider when deciding upon the size of the tank is your budget and the number of fish you want to have. The larger an aquarium is, the more expensive it will be. However, if you want to keep many fish, then purchasing a bigger aquarium is not just an option but a must for your pets to survive.

Apart from selecting fish species and the kind of tank to have, you need to be informed about the fish you want to keep as this will guide you in choosing the aquatic plants and accessories you may put in your aquarium. This will guide you on creating a healthy environment for your fish.

Indeed, setting up your own aquarium at home can be a challenging task for beginners. But relaxing before these beautiful creatures, healthy and happy, offers an amazing scenery that can relieve your stress and perhaps enrich your life. 

Source by Jane Susaeta

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