Flea Removal – The Innovative Proven Effective Pet Flea Control Equipment That Never Fails

So you are in the thick of a severe flea infestation and even your family members have begun itching all over. Your white covered furniture is literally littered with brownish dark reddish little specks which are in fact carcasses of fleas when you sit on them. Irksome it may be, but very soon you will see them sprinkled almost everywhere from flooring, bedding, to carpet and upholstery. At the rate of 50 eggs a day per flea there is literally no stopping these parasites from reproduction. Of course, there are many types of pet flea control solutions for flea removal and most of which are chemical based topical applications that aim to stop the parasites from reproducing, killing them at their root and exterminating their eggs and larvae in the process as well.

Alternately you can also find natural pet flea control solutions which are proven effective and non toxic to the environment, the pet as well as your family members. One of the latest, most effective and innovative approach to get rid of the parasites is to steam clean your environment. In fact, it is one of the most useful ways which works almost 100 percent of the time. There are two types of cleaners which are efficient, one is the steam cleaner and the other is the vapor cleaner.

The steam cleaner uses steam for a boiler attached to the machine, emitted to lift the dirt and grime as well as kill all bacterial and parasitic pests that may be within the surface or embedded areas to be cleaned. The vapor cleaner is an even more improved concept of the steam cleaner, which uses vapor instead of steam. Using high heat low water content to clean surfaces, the vapor often reaches up to 300 degree Fahrenheit which literally kills with ease all fleas and parasites present on or embedded within.

There is another alternative home helper which is even more effective and saves much cleaning time too. The steam vacuum cleaner is the machine in question and the way to use it is simple. They function almost like a vacuum cleaner, cleans and kill all fleas with steam, and removes all carcasses by extracting them into the vacuum bag. One key point to note when using the machine is to ensure that you dispose of the vacuum bag thoroughly, the best of which is to burn the bag just in case of the live pests.

Indeed, you can argue that there are many other types of cleaning approaches which have been proven effective. However, most of them do not come close to the amount of time saved using these equipment instead of your regular pet flea control tools for the purpose of flea removal.

Source by Yoshiko Choy

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