Good Reasons to Own a Yorkie Terrier

Yorkie Terriers are a long-haired breed with no undercoat, which means that they do not shed as much as their short haired friends. Their hair is like human hair. It grows continuously and falls out rarely (only when brushed or broken). Additionally, because these dogs carry less dander on their coat, they generally do not have the unpleasant "wet dog" odor when wet, and they may not affect as many people who suffer from dog-related allergies. They are a good choice for those who do not want a breed that has a messy molt.

You should buy a pup from a reputable breeder. Never purchase pups from a pet shop or 'puppy mill'. Wherever possible buy the Yorkie pup from the breeder's home and view its parents, or at least its mother. A reputable breeder will offer constant support and assistance throughout the dog's life. To purchase a puppy from an unreliable source may invite future heartbreak (and huge vet's bills).

Pups are generally easy to house train. For their own safety it is better to crate train them and to leave them in a crate when they are left alone, during the night or if their owners are out of the home.

Always leave them with some toys and fresh water, and be sure they have a cozy bed inside the crate. Remember that they enjoy human company and will not appreciate being left alone for long periods.

These Dogs are without doubt one of the most appealing of all toy breeds. It is charming and intelligent, and despite its size, is full of courage, loyalty and affection. Although this breed is small, the these dogs still retains the true Terrier temperament. They are small enough to carry and are ideal for anyone with a small home or apartment.

The Yorkie dog is happy to go on quite long walks, but is equally happy to run around a small garden or home, providing it has enough toys and distractions to occupy its lively mind. These are little dogs who think they are much bigger. They will defend their territory decisively. They have an acute sense of hearing and will alert their owners to the slightest sign of intruders.

They are quick to determine where they fit in a household's "pack." Their behavior towards outsiders will vary. They often will be inclined to bark at strangers, but some dogs are outgoing and friendly towards new people while others are withdrawn and aloof. The differences in behavior in this regard are largely based on how the owners trains or conditions (and socializes) the pups. A few individual Yorkshire Terriers may be timid or nervous, rather than bold, but the vast majority seem to meet the breed standard for a confident, vigorous and self-important personality.

They as a breed are intelligent dogs. According to Dr. Stanley Coren an expert on animal intelligence, the Yorkie Terrier is an above average working dog, ranking 27th (32nd including ties) out of the 132 breeds tested His research found that an average dog could understand a new command after approximately 15 repetitions and would obey a command the first time it was given 70% of the time or better. This capacity as working dogs enables these dogs to excel in sports like obedience and agility, which require the dog to understand communication from the handler and carry out a complex series of commands. Additionally, pups learn to recognize numerous words and can be taught to distinguish and fetch separate toys in a box by their names.

Source by Maria Coulson

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