Horse Racing System – Five Ways To Your Own System and Not By a Long Shot

Where Do You Begin

To start making your own horse racing system, start digging up information about the superstars and the losers on the race tracks – the horses. If your acquaintance with horses is limited to the old reruns of “National Velvet” or the movie remake of “Seabiscuit”, it’s about time you go beyond the celluloid drama and hysterics.

Take the torturous route, although the experts will say you can make your task easier by looking at the race forms and tips you can amass online. A horse racing system requires more than a cursory knowledge of horses and gaming. It’s the lifeblood of your bets.

But it’s different when you know more about the horses. There is nothing like marveling at the rippling toned muscles of the horses during their pre-race canter, how regally they’ve held their heads high, their shiny coats, and of course, the whole package. When you hear a horse’s name crop up, you don’t just see a horse galloping to the finish line. You know the details about the horse. The facts will help you determine whether to back or lay your bet. That’s how your horse racing system should start your betting career.

Try reading those mystery thrillers about horse racing. You enjoy the book and when people start discussing horses, you can contribute your two pennies worth from the knowledge you’ve gained from reading the novels of Dick Francis. Reading about horses and doing your own ocular inspection of the horses you fancy will open new worlds for you, especially if you’re new to horse racing. Without a passion for horses, your game is unexciting, and you’ll never go as far as clicking the withdraw button from your account.

Starting Your Horse Racing System

If you’ve spent 10,000 last year on horse racing wagers and made a poor show of it, there were holes in your system. Here’s how to fix those holes:

1. Know the distance of the race. A horse race at five furlongs should be ideal and beyond that, your horse may or may not make it to photo finish. If you know your horse, you’ll be able to gauge if the horse can perform well or not. Horses have their favorite runs. Just like you, you favor that rinky-dink pub near the place you work because you adore the bartender and the price of a shot of whiskey isn’t too stiff.

2. Know the number of runners in the race. If there are several runners, it is difficult to predict which horse will win. If you want to play safe, choose a race with less contenders.

3. If you know your horses, you’ll know which type of ground they will fare well, so keep digging up information on and off the racetrack.

4. Know how the horse performed in previous races by looking up the race form. Your knowledge plus the information on the race form equals better decision making.

5. Know the type of bets that will give the bigger payouts.

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