How to Toilet Train Your Dog the Easy Way

Part of your responsibility of having a pet dog at home is getting your dog toilet trained. For some, it can be a very tough job but toilet training for dogs is very important, as you do not want your house to be in a mess. A dog that is not trained to use toilet can ruin your backyard, your furniture and your entire house.

Training your dog does not have to be a difficult task. All you need is enough information on how to train your dog to use the toilet and this article will provide you the easy way of doing it.

1. Know the best age to begin training your dog. Though you can always train your dog at any age, it is best to begin as early as eight weeks old. Set-up a household routine once your puppy arrives home and later on, he will easily get used to it.

2. Using a crate will aid your puppy even without your supervision. A crate will keep your puppy confined and he will quickly learn that he has to sit in the crate. Make sure that there is enough space on the crate so your puppy can turn around.

Some dogs look at crate as a punishment room but if you are able to teach your dog that it is his own haven where he can spend some quiet time alone, he will love to stay in the crate.

Make the crate your dog’s sanctuary by making it a happy place and not for punishment. You can place a toy in it so your dog has something to play with. You can also put blankets so he can lie cozily if he wants to. The crate can help prevent your dog from breaking your house and will also keep him out of trouble.

3. Keep your eyes on your dog. You should be observant with the behavior of your puppy. Whenever you see him circling, sniffing and starting to squat, take him immediately to the place where you want him to eliminate. Praise him every time he eliminates at the proper place. It is a good idea to teach him a cue every time he eliminates so that later on he will know what you want him to do.

4. Make a daily schedule for your dog. Just like children, puppies are taught by repetition and setting of routine. It helps a lot if your dog has a regular time for feeding and taking him for a walk. Every morning, you can take your puppy where you want him to eliminate then give the cue. Praise him every time he is able to do it.

5. Do not let your puppy roam around the house. If you do not want to use crate, it is better if you confine your pup only to certain areas of the house. By doing this, you can have a close eye on your dog and housetraining would be easier. This will also prevent your dog from getting into accidents and from getting hurt.

6. Have patience. There will be times when you feel your dog is not getting what you are teaching him. You should not give up. Training a dog requires repetition and patience. Give him a reward every time he is doing his job well. In no time you will have a toilet-trained dog and everyone in the house will be happy.

Source by Ramir Sarmiento

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