How to Write Your Own Ebook and Promote It Online

That’s right–how to write your own ebook and promote it online.

You may be thinking, but I don’t know what to write about, or how would I sell it? No worries–I will show you all of that right here, right now.

First you must decide what you want to write about. This will be the hardest part. Brainstorm. What do you know more about than anyone else you know? Dog training? Carpentry? Digital Photography? Imagine the ebook “How to Train Your Dog in 90 Days or Less” or “How to Build Your Own Home Addition Before Spring-All By Yourself” or “Everything You Need to Know About Digital Photography”. Think of 5 things you are skilled at, and simply plug in the skill and the benefits into this formula: “How to ___________ so that ___________”. For example: “How to Teach Spelling so That Kids Learn the Fastest”, or “How to Fix Your Leaky Faucets to Save Plumbing Bills”, or “How to Grow a Garden that Lasts Year-Round”. Now you even have your title!

Next, write down ten things you know about that topic. Organize them either chronologically or in the order someone should learn them.

For example “How to Grow a Garden that Lasts Year-Round”:

1) How to choose soil

2) How to choose year-round plants

3) How to plant your garden

4) How to water your garden

and so on (I don’t know gardening, but if you do, finish the list and then write the book)

Once you have written your list of ten main points (or more if you need them), then come up with at least 8 sub points-things that someone would do to learn what you are teaching in that topic. For example, sticking with the gardening ebook:

How to choose soil

1) Types of soil

2) Advantages to different soils

3) Disadvantages of different soils

4) Types of soils needed for different seasons

and so on.

Next will come the hardest part-actually writing your book. Notice that by now you have at least 80 specific mini-topics about which to write. Just try to write around 500 words about each mini-topic. If you find that the mini-topic needs much more than 500 words to fully explain, break it into two headings. Don’t worry about organization–you have already organized the entire book, remember. Just write about each topic. You do not need to write these topics in any specific order, just write what you feel most inspired to write. Once you have finished writing each part, proofread it (and have someone else proofread it too) and get ready to publish your ebook.

Once you have completed the ebook, you will want to convert it to a PDF. There are many PDF conversions programs online, or you can use adobe’s version.

Next you will need a web site with a sales page. Don’t let the words ‘sales page’ scare you. You can literally create a sales page from your list of topics and sub-topics that you prepared before writing the ebook. Simply write a letter explaining what the reader will learn from your ebook, and again, have it proofread. That letter should contain the following:

A description of the contents of your ebook.

A list of what the reader will learn to apply through your ebook.

Several testimonials about how your ebook has helped someone else.

A guarantee.

A link to Paypal or some other form of payment processing.

Upload the page to your web site, write a few articles about your area of expertise, send them out to online article directories that have a readership similar to the targeted readership of your ebook, include a link back to your site, and watch the traffic come in!

Source by Sean Mize

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