I Will not Allow

I will not allow any one to step in my domain
It will be my affair and personally remain
Exclusive area to be determined by me alone
Even though independent arbitrator and lone

No one can come here and dictate
It is not their willingness to indicate
It will be me only to act even if late
This is plain fact I have to narrate or state

Everybody is having independent life to lead
We have no time to think their style and read
It certainly hinges on bare thread
I will not go to any one and plead

Let them live the way they like
I might have many likes and dislikes
I shall rule the mind and beave
I shall shape them and continue to have

I consider myself as an ordinary
I may need companion and it is necessary
Others should not poke, meddle or worry
I can only express regret and feel sorry

I want beautiful life
There is definite place for wife
I shall place everything at her disposal
Is this not nice proposal?

I wish to lead in wonderful way
Where only I will have definite say
I shall act and behave responsibly
These all can be seen visibly

I will claim no credit for whatsoever
It will be doom or fortune ever
As it is chosen by me alone
Everything is thought over and done

Nothing can be accomplished without His grace
I will have enough courage to face
Although I will not involve in any race
Without His mercy there will not be any trace

We tend to become impossible and rowdy
The image ego makes you feel proudly
You continue to disregard others
This is clear indication of dismal surrender

You are losing grip on your ambition
You are prisoner of conscience and inhibition
You are imbalanced with little ignition
This leads you to believe in superstition

It is good to trust one's own ability
This can prove very good quality
You should confine and not over react
It may then be considered as fine act

I have plan to go as simple as that
I will not live it simply to fate
I shall act as per conscience and belief
But I shall be precise and brief

I pray not to be affected
Stay aloof and prefer not to be affected
Still find the place among all our brethren
To work along side with their concern

Source by Hasmukh Amathalal

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