Is Krill Oil Better Than Fish Oil?

The debate "is krill oil better than fish oil" rages on with many inaccurate facts coming from both sides. However, krill oil does have some very big downsides when compared to a quality oil from fish.

Krill is the new kid on the block with supporters claiming it is more pure than most fish oils and is more easily absorbed by the body. When compared against a standard fish oil, these are quite possibly true as there are many poor quality ones around.

Krill oil does not suffer so much from contamination as most comes from the pristine Antarctic waters.

However, when put against a good quality oil, the krill is immediately shown up. This is because quality oil from fish in its ester or natural form has as much bio-availability as the krill and as long as it is molecularly distilled it will contain no contaminants at all.

The major problem is exposed when you look at the facts about the quantity of omega 3 fatty acids you get. DHA is the main one and provides most of the benefits like prevention of heart disease, protection against cancer, lower bad cholesterol and lowering high blood pressure, improved brain functioning and many more.

A good oil from tuna or hoki fish will give you at least 500mg of DHA a day while the corresponding amount for krill is just 90mg and it costs around four times as much. This means you really lose out on the important health benefits despite paying so much.

Do some research yourself on the web and click on the ingredients or label tabs and you will find the average DHA content is just 5 – 9% while the fish oil I personally take has 28%.

So, in my opinion, the answer to "is krill oil better than fish oil" is a resounding no! The amount of studies on krill is also minimal and there is the other worrying problem of sustainability as every other animal in the marine food chain depends on them for survival.

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Source by Rich Hawkins

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