Is Omega 3 For Children The Right Thing?

Omega 3 for children – Is it safe?

A lot of parents have doubts. They are aware of the health benefits of omega 3 fish oil supplements, but are not sure if it can be given to small children. The answer to the question is very simple. It’s safe, but only if the supplements are made from pure oil.

The ‘pure’ factor

People tend to believe fish oil products are pure, but not all safe. Some are made from fish that contain heavy metal contaminants, industrial waste, and other substances that can be really harmful to health. A Child’s young and developing immune system can develop long term health problems by taking low quality supplements on a regular basis. So, when providing fish oil for children, you must choose your supplements wisely.

Finding high quality omega 3 fatty acid supplements

Given the huge number of omega 3 supplements available, choosing a high quality supplement might seem like a daunting task. It is, however, much easier than you think. If a supplement is made from ‘molecularly distilled’ oil, you can buy it without thinking twice. If it is not a ‘molecularly distilled’ product, stay away from it. Follow this simple rule and you will always be choosing the safest and best omega 3 for children.

The molecular distillation difference

Molecular distillation is the most effective purification process. It removes all sorts of contaminants from fish oil. In the process, raw fish oil is converted into an ethyl ester. The ethyl ester molecules and the contaminants are separated in a vacuum system and the former is isolated using molecular weights. These ethyl ester molecules are then converted into the final product. This is by far the most effective technique to purify fish oil. So, if you are thinking of fish oil for children, choose supplements that contain molecularly distilled fish oil.

Health benefits of omega 3 fatty acid supplements

Regular consumption of pure fish oil supplements is extremely beneficial for children. It improves:

  • their focus
  • numerical skills
  • cognitive skills
  • memory

It lowers the risk of:

  • learning disabilities
  • psychotic disorders
  • many other such problems

It boosts their immune system and increases their resistance to various diseases. It is a great addition to any child’s diet.

Using omega 3 for children – Key things to remember

Young children often associate the capsules with medication and they do not find the idea of taking capsules every day amusing. So, you should make them understand they are taking health supplements, not medications.

If your children find it hard to swallow capsules, you can cut them open, mix the oil with food, and give it to your children. The oil does not lose its potency if you mix it with food

The recommended dosage for children is one capsule a day. It is, however, not a one-size-fits-all rule. So, to get a clear idea, you can consult your physician.

In summation, I have to say that fish oil for children is absolutely safe as long as you make sure the oil is molecularly distilled. Keep these tips in mind and choose the right supplement for your children.

Source by Terry Johnston

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