Keep Dog From Digging Pot Holes in the Lawn

Have you recently noticed that your dog has started digging holes in your garden? If you have then this is a problem that many owners of these animals tend to be faced with. There are a number of things that you can do to keep a dog from digging in the future.

In this article we take a look at what things you can do to prevent this problem from becoming any worse and how to stop the problem altogether.

However the first thing that you as an owner must understand is the reason why your dog has chosen to start digging holes. One reason can be due to the breed of dog that you own as some are known for digging. But if your dog is not such a breed then the reason that is has started digging holes in your garden can simply be put down to the fact that they are bored or due to them being left alone.

If your dog has begun to dig up your garden due to boredom then there are certain things you can do to keep dog from digging in the future. One of the best things you can do is give your pet plenty of exercise, so this means that you should be taking them for walks at least twice a day. This will help them to be more relaxed and if the anxious feelings they have when left alone would not be so great.

Also the other thing you can do to help alleviate the feelings of boredom and anxiety your pet feels to keep dog from digging is to provide it with things that can keep them stimulated. Make sure that you provide them with plenty of toys to play with when left alone.

Another thing you should do is provide an area that provides your dog with cover from the elements especially the heat of the sun if you want to keep dog from digging. Many dogs will dig holes so that they can provide somewhere cool for them to lie when it becomes too hot.

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