Krill Oil Vs Fish Oil – Discover Why There Can Only Be One Clear Winner

There has been much discussion recently on krill oil vs fish oil, with the new kid on the block supposedly being far more effective than fish oil if you believe the hype. If we look at the facts, there really is no competition and only one clear winner.

Almost all the health benefits from both of these oils come from their omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. These essential fats are not made by the body and so must come from our diet and it is thought that over 90% of the population is lacking in them!

They give us benefits like prevention of heart attacks and strokes, treatment for arthritis, much improved brain health and mental well-being, lower cholesterol and many more. These are all attributed to high levels of DHA as it is these fats that are turned into a powerful anti-inflammatory and healing substance in the body.

So when we compare the krill oil vs fish oil levels of DHA, the difference is quite shocking.

You will find that krill oil only contains an average of 9% DHA per serving or 45mg per capsule while a quality oil from a fish like hoki or tuna has 280mg per capsule or 560mg per serving.

So you are potentially getting over ten times the health benefits with hoki or tuna oil.

Many of the claims surrounding the purity of krill oil are true in that they are less contaminated than an average fish oil. This is because they mostly come from the pristine Antarctic but also raises another problem of sustainability as at present there are no limits of the quantities that are taken so over fishing is a real possibility and affects the whole marine food chain.

If you select a molecularly distilled oil from a fish it will have all the contaminants removed and be on a equal par with the krill, so just make sure you check the label or website to see. A really good oil will come with a CoA or Certificate of Analysis for full traceability and all the details of what the oil contains.

Lastly, krill oil is advertized heavily as having a higher antioxidant level but the truth is that this is mainly to preserve the oil for longer and offers little in the way of benefits to you.

I hope you can see that in the krill oil vs fish oil debate, quality fish oil is the clear winner to keep you healthy and also much more cost effective.

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Source by Rich Hawkins

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