Make Your Home Welcoming and Safe for Your Puppy

Unlike bringing home a newborn child where you have some time to make your home safe, bringing home your new puppy means you need to puppy proof your home right away. Puppies are just like toddlers with lots of energy and ready to get into everything. They have an insatiable curiosity that makes them check out everything including those things that might not be so safe for them. As the puppy’s new owner, you must puppy proof your home.

One good step to take towards puppy proofing your home is to look at it from the dog’s perspective. Get down on your hands and knees and look around. You might be surprised at what you see down there that could look so tempting to a puppy in his new home. Remember your puppy will want to check out all this new stuff as he has never seen it before and it just might be dangerous to him.

Be very aware of electrical cords that your puppy can access and chew on. Just think of what a puppy chewing on an electrical cord, in use, could lead to. Place the cords where the puppy can’t access them. Place them behind furniture or up high where he can’t reach. Try laying them under something like a rubber mat.

Stairs can provide as much danger to a puppy as to a toddler. They can have trouble getting up and down them. In their boisterousness, they can even fall down a flight of stairs. Best to just block off the stairway until the puppy has grown and is more capable of navigating them. Stairs might also lead to a place you do not want your puppy to be such as the basement. If you have a door, then you must be sure the door is always closed.

Another step in making your home puppy proof is to be sure there are no hazardous household chemicals where he can get into them. Such are usually stored under the kitchen sink or even the bathroom sink. Can your puppy get ready access to these places? You may even have to go so far as to use those plastic cabinet locks that are used for toddlers.

These are a few steps to take in making your home puppy proof. Keep in mind the level of your home your puppy lives at and what he sees and can get into at that level. Having a puppy proof home can go a long ways to having a happy and healthy relationship with you puppy.

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