MLM Home Business Secret

The biggest MLM Home Business Secret is that there is only one product, people. I see a lot of advertisements promising to unveil the big secret to MLM success only to later find out that they were trying to sell me something that will really reveal some other system to buy!

After buying into several of these programs I have learned that many times they do not really understand Network Marketing. Why would I make such a claim? I make it because MOST of the information that I've received is not about building PEOPLE. True success comes from realizing that your real product is people, relationships.

If you try to push vitamins or makeup first you are putting the cart before the horse. They used to have a saying back when I was in direct sales that goes "do not let them see dollar signs in your eyes". As soon as you start to think about the MONEY or pushing PRODUCT you've lost and you are not really in Network Marketing! Yes, that's what I said!

If you do those things you are really in direct sales not Network Marketing. Network Marketing is about friends recommending to friends. As soon as you get those "dollar signs in your eyes" you have lost a friend. You can kiss that residual income goodbye. In direct sales as soon as you stop selling you lose income. In Network Marketing your "network" is held together through strong relationship and good product. Strong relationship happens when you genuinely "help" that person.

If you side step building genuine relationships you will eventually lose those people. Why you may say? Because companies sometimes put labels on bottles crooked or are late on your customers auto ship. When that happens you better have relationship!

You know that you understand this secret when:

O Your biggest concern is helping "Joe" get some success. I get the biggest "thrill" when I see my team using the attraction marketing formula that I've given them and obtaining their own leads online. I'm not talking about propping them up by giving them leads!

O You do not have a "graveyard" of people you've sponsored but are not really successful.

O You can say that your teammates are true friends for life.

O Others would say that they "owe" you a lot because of the value you continuously give them.

O You think about helping individuals on your team instead of thinking about how much product you can sell them (or you can sell them for that matter)

O You consider your success valid if you have helped make someone else's life excellent and prospered.

The largest MLM home business secret is that it's about people more than product. Many do not like the sound of that, in fact I have prospects tell me all the time that they are not "in" to having relationships "they just want to sell product". That's ok, but it's not true Network Marketing.

Source by Nick D. Davis

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