My BMD – Beagle Of Mass Destruction

Watch out or this little hound dog will steal your heart. The breed is known for many good qualities, the most being loyalty and a great sense of adventure. Finally, the dog world has taken notice and this hunter is taking top honors in both national and international competitions.

That’s what my friends called my second Beagle. When my house burned in ’07, a number of people offered to take me in but not my Beagle. “Is that the same dog that got into the dishwasher during Thanksgiving dinner?,” one friend asked. The breed is incorrigible. I think that’s my favorite part of these scent hounds.

Even Charles Darwin had a soft spot for the breed. Why else would he have named his boat The Beagle over 150 years ago when he first explored the Galapagos Islands? It speaks volumes.

I’ve just acquired my third creature of Beagle descent. Her name is Lucy and she is a mix I got from the animal shelter. She looks to be half Dachshund/half Beagle. It wasn’t until I heard that distinct Beagle-y howl that I knew she was infused with Beagle DNA.

One year, I was having a water leak repaired in my condo and had to stay in a hotel. That is the only reason I got to see the Westminster Dog Show as I rarely own a TV. Everything in the universe lined up for the breed that year and a Beagle named Ono won the show in 2009.

Again in 2115, this small but mighty hunter won “Best of Show.” This compact breed captured the hearts of judges and the audience as applause roared when the breed showed up and ran a path within the arena.

These snoopsters are just delightful to me. Always into something. Always ready for fun. This is the only breed of dog I ever allowed to sleep in the bed-not by choice. Each one just assumed it was welcome and hopped up into the covers, nested and snoozed. I’m in love with my new Lucy, just as I loved Bingo and Sparkie. The last two were the 13-inch variety which tends to be about half the size of the 15-inch dogs. Breeders have now created a teacup size but I have yet to see one up close.

Secretly, I think I am part Beagle. I love to get into everything, would try to be too cute to get mad at if I thought I could get away with it and believe that boundaries are only suggestions. I’d rather be corrected than ask permission and believe that life is meant to be fun and full of new discoveries.

That describes a Beagle in every sense of the word…

Source by Sherry Lynn Daniel

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