Some of You Have Asked – What Are the Benefits of Taking Omega 3?

I like talking about the benefits of omega-3. When people ask, what are the benefits of taking omega-3? my brain raced ahead on thousands of benefits of omega-3. Well there is a lot of benefits anyway, if you read on, I will try and tell you about some of the benefits. Omega-3 helps your heart, […]

Rainforest Animals – Bush Dog

Name: Bush Dog Scientific Name: Speothos venaticus Status: Vulnerable Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Genus: Speothos Species: S. venaticus General Information: The bush dog, also called the vinegar dog, water dog, forest dog, savanna dog, and vinegar fox, is a canine of Central and South America. It is a social […]

7 Possible Causes of Frequent Urination in Puppies and What You Can Do About It

I don’t know a thing about you but I’ll bet that it’s worrisome for you to see your puppy urinating frequently.  Perhaps your pup has been urinating in inappropriate areas or urinating on a constant basis.  There are many possible causes of a puppy frequently urinating small amounts and it’s important to get to the […]

Total Recall of Who We Are: Stop Thinking and Start Being

There is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger called Total Recall. A large part of the movie revolves around Arnold’s character discovering who he really is. We all want to know who we really are. Unless we settle into thinking, “Well, this is my life and I’m not going to think about it,” we keep searching […]