Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements That I Gained

You don’t need to go far these days to hear about the benefits of fish oil supplements. Television ads, magazines articles, books on the subject, scientists and the heart foundation, all provide us with positive information on why we need to add omega 3 to our daily diet. Unfortunately, omega 3s are scarce in our […]

Top 12 Fun Dog Friendly Things to Do in Mendocino

Perhaps your dog would like to expand horizons, catch up on culture and enjoy some activities not available in many places. So, if your dog loves to travel, then you simply must visit Mendocino county, a few hours north of San Francisco. Horizon Air has added flights from Las Vegas to Santa Rosa, California. You […]

How to Floss Around Braces or Permanent Retainers

Braces and permanent retainers are important devices to keeping your smile beautiful. Many people who wear braces and retainers think that they just do not need to floss as often because it's more difficult. If you do not care of them right though, they can damage your teeth and gums. Your morning and nightly cleanings […]

Electronic Flea Collars – Do They Really Work

Electronic Flea collars may be the newest weapon in the war on dog fleas. Dogs have been mans companion for thousands of years. Dogs serve mankind in ways that cannot be duplicated by technology. Unfortunately the parasites that our dogs carry have plagued mankind as well. Fleas are a constant irritant to man and dog […]