Potty Training – The First Training Step

You can train a puppy or dog to do many things or you can just train your dog in the basics commands. One of the first things you will be teaching your puppy is where the proper place is to go potty. No matter what level of training you intend for your dog all dogs need to be potty trained.

Basically potty training is training your dog to do it business outside or to do its business in the house in a designated spot.

Having owned dogs all my life my personal preference is to potty train my dogs to go outside. I have been fortunate enough to always have access to a yard for my dogs to relieve themselves.

The method that I have always used and swear by to potty train my dogs is to crate train. I have found by using a crate that it does not take near as long to potty train your puppy.

There are different types of crates that you can purchase but I have found for the purpose of potty training that the wire crates are the best. If you have a large breed puppy you can purchase a crate large enough for your puppy when it is full grown. The beauty of the wire crate is you can easily block part of it off for potty training.

The theory behind the crate is that a puppy will not lay in their own mess. Make sure the crate is the right size for potty training purposes. Your puppy should have enough room to stand be able to turn around and be able to lie down. If they have an accident in the cage they should not be able to go to the other end of the cage to avoid it. Block part of the cage off if this is the case.

Do not use a crate to punish your puppy when you are trying to potty train. The crate is a very useful tool and should never be abused.

Keep your puppy in his / her crate at night. First thing in the morning, take your puppy out of the crate and right outside to do his business. Make sure your puppy is on a leash. This is usually the best time of the day when your puppy will go potty fairly quickly. Take full advantage of this. When your puppy does go potty remember to praise.

When potty training your puppy you will need to take them out on a fairly regular basis. Normally puppies eat four times a day and you should take your puppy out 15 – 30 minutes after they eat.

Puppies tend to nap quite a bit and when they are napping they should be in their crate. When they wake up you should take them right outside for potty time.

Be consistent. Puppies adapt really well to routine so try and maintain one and in no time at all your puppy will be potty trained.

Source by Maureen Brownell

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