Some Basics Steps of Dog Obedience

The training of a dog is generally referred as obedience training. The training basically teaches the dog commands to “sit”, “stay”, “down”,” come”. Additional commands may also be taught to improve their accuracy and performances in competitions.

Obedience means obeying or going with the directions instructed by the trainer. The dog must react to the instruction given to him each time to be measured as an obedient dog.

It might be a long course to train a dog obedience depending upon the species of the dog, the process utilized, the ability and the understanding of the coach. The desires of the handler also matter to a great extent as to what point of obedience the handler wants to attain. This is because it becomes a commitment for the trainer to attain that level of obedience.

The basic training of a dog can be done by any person, the handler or the coach. Normally the person, who is the owner of the dog, trains the dog. As they live with the dogs and they need to instruction them from time to time. A relationship of trust is recommendable between the owner and the dog to achieve success in the training process.

3 Common Steps to Train Your Dog:

Come- If you have lost hold of your harness then this step will help you. Hold the dog with a harness and a collar. Pull down his harness, bent down to his level. Award him with food and love while he comes to you.

Sit- It is good to start with as it is one of the easiest obedience instructions. Near the dog’s nose hold a food and make him smell it. Shift up your hand making the dog to follow the food. As it attains the sitting position instruct “Sit” deliver him the food and distribute warmth to him. The process should be repeated a few times daily until the dog masters it. You may ask him to sit prior to the meal, while leaving for walks, and other times according to your wishes.

Stay- Prior to this step the dog should be well trained with the command “sit”. Instruct your dog to sit. Next, opening the palm of your arm instruct him to “stay”. Award him with food and affection taking few foots back. Slowly boost the number of steps before rewarding him. Do not forget to reward your puppy for staying even if it is for a few fractions of seconds.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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