Some of You Have Asked – What Are the Benefits of Taking Omega 3?

I like talking about the benefits of omega-3. When people ask, what are the benefits of taking omega-3? my brain raced ahead on thousands of benefits of omega-3. Well there is a lot of benefits anyway, if you read on, I will try and tell you about some of the benefits. Omega-3 helps your heart, give you better brain function and it lowers your triglycerides and helps balance your cholesterol.

What are the benefits of taking Omega 3? there is confirmation that it helps your heart, when the two most potent fatty acids DHA and EPA join together to prevent you from having a heart attack. It is common knowledge that people who eat fish regularly, have a lower incident of heart disease. however with the pollution in our oceans and in our fish, we can no longer afford to eat so much fish.

When you ask, what are the benefits of taking omega-3? We need to realize that omega-3 helps to give you better mental health. The DHA in the Omega three helps to keep us happy and contented. However as I keep mentioning, we must remain aware that if our DHA levels ever drop, we shall suffer severe depression and other emotional episodes.

When you ask, what are the benefits of taking omega 3? you have to be aware that Omega three fatty acids help in reducing the blood fats known as triglycerides which are closely related to cholesterol. Individuals with high fasting triglycerides should be careful if they also have high LDL (bad cholesterol).

Molecular distillation will remove the harmful contaminants like lead, Mercury and the PCBs. They are all harmful, however the PCBs cause cancer and may take hundreds of years to break down. you must never buy an omega-3 supplement unless it has been molecular distilled to remove the contaminants. the oil that remains will be pure.

Source by Gordon P Hall

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