The 4 Types Of Seizures That Could Put Your Dog At Risk Of Neuron Damage Or Worse

There are 4 kinds of known Seizures pertaining to dogs that you should know about. These seizures can either be caused by the brain or environment, either way Veterinarians see an alarming rate of small animals because of neuralgic symptoms (seizures). Knowing the cause of the seizure before bringing your dog into the vets office will save a lot of time and money from tests the veterinarian will need do.

  • Status epilepsy -which is one of the more dangerous seizures. Although this varies in definition it is traditionally a seizure that will last longer than 30 minutes or there will be many short seizures without regaining consciousness. The reason that this kind of seizure is so deadly is because there is evidence that after 5 minutes of seizures the animal most likely will suffer neuron damage.
  • Idiopathic epilepsy -This type of seizure has no known cause of what triggers the seizure. There are many different kinds of Idiopathic epilepsy and each of them have their unique characteristic patterns. Any individual dog given the right set of circumstances can be susceptible to epilepsy. Every animal has a seizure threshold and if an impulse from one cell to the next is not received properly a seizure can then be triggered off. It is extremely important to be able to recognize the different types of seizures that can occur in order to tell the vet.
  • Epilepsy -There are several reasons a dog could be having a seizure, low blood sugar, disease, lead poisoning, brain tumors, toxins, Eclampsia or trauma to mention a few. What we do know about Epilepsy is that the disease runs in the bloodlines of the animal and studies are showing that over a dozen breeds will be likely to contract the disease. A few of these breads are the Beagle, Irish setters, Labrador retriever and poodles.
  • Symptomatic epilepsy -Widespread brain damage is usually to blame for this type of seizure. sporadic electrical storms in the brain is what causes Epilepsy commonly called seizures. What to look for when you pet is about to go onto a seizure is involuntary movements or staring in one direction for long lengths of time.

A pet that has a Grand Mal seizure can be one of the most frightening things to witness and if the dog has repeated seizures the chances of brain damage is inevitable. However there is hope if the owner is properly educated and aware. Knowing the dogs normal behaviors will insure that the owner will see abnormal behavior from the pet and therefor be able to take the pet to a veterinarian for a solution. If the owner can explain the behavior of the pet the veterinarian should be able to give the animal the proper medication without too many tests. Another thing to watch out for before the dog has problems is does the dog have low blood sugar, or low calcium levels also check the dogs liver it may be a liver disease.

Remember that Dogs can live a normal life span with seizures with the right medication. If the seizures are detected and treated at an early stage of the disease you will have a significant chance of the dog living a happy / healthy long dog life.

Source by Corey J Daker

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