The Art of Picking Winners For Profit in Horse Races Requires Two Skills

Some people call handicapping horse races an art while others think it is a science. Perhaps it depends upon the method that you use. The method, of course, depends upon the personal style and tastes of the person who is picking winners. Whether you call it art or science, one thing is clear, it is difficult to show a profit and requires skill.

There are thousands of horse racing systems on the market and have been as long as people have been trying to make money from their bets. Like anything else in life, all racing systems are not created equally. But one thing is certain in handicapping, it takes a systematic approach to consistently sort out the runners and determine which one will get across the line first, and that is a skill.

Many people think that is what it is all about. They learn how to tell which horse will run the fastest, but they miss the whole point. As the title of this article says, it is about profit, not just determining which runner is the fastest. Therefore, there are two skills that you must develop in order to make a profit from your bets.

1. the first thing you need to learn and the skill you need to develop is determining each horse’s chances of winning the race. While that fact is obvious, the reason is a little more obscure. The reason you need to be able to determine each runner’s ability is that you need to use that fact to…

2. shop for value. That’s right, you need to shop for value among the odds for each horse in the race. Successful horse racing handicapping means success in the long run, not just in one race. If you handicap 100 races and pick the winner in 30 of them but each horse that wins for you pays over $6.67 you will make a profit. That is how professional handicappers make a living. Simply put, their winnings more than offset the cost of their bets. It seems diabolically simple but anyone who has tried it knows that is not the case and many people wonder how they do it.

They use a system to do that and that system is used to find horses that have a chance of winning and then determining if the horse is at a good price. It isn’t just about picking winners it is about choosing bets that have a positive expectancy.

So in order to make a profit at the races, keep those two things in mind and always use a good system that will reveal each horse’s true chances of winning.

Source by Bill Peterson

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