The Best Season for Fishing

Sitka Alaska salmon fishing is a known activity done by people who are into watersports these days. They will find this as a good activity they can do on a regular basis especially for family bonding. What they just need to do is to book for these activities and have a great time with their loved ones.

But aside from the activity, fishers are flying from all over the country just to try out catch salmon and halibut in the area. The good thing about salmon is it's a good fresh ingredient especially if you love seafood dishes. And of course, catching them with your own effort will satisfy fishers than the usual. Aside from this, Alaska is also the home of largest salmon you can find in the market.

The good thing about fishing in Alaska for salmon is you have more duration of time when you can catch these fishes. For example, May up to August is the best time for you to fish for a King Salmon. One of the features that catch the attention of fishers is its color. It has a silver color around the ventral side but with purple color or blue green on the back area. Aside from just the color, people are also after is size and weight. It can weigh up to 57 kilograms and can be a good display in a picture and dinner afterward for the family.

If your schedule does not fit the May or June fishing months, you can still fish around July up to October. For this time, the type of salmon you'll catch is the silver salmon. The main attraction of these fishes to different fishers is its ability to change color in different water types and season. For example, their backs are dark blue in color in the ocean but will develop dark spots once they swim in freshwater. They also have different colors during spawning phase and maturing phase.

But if you will look closely at these seasons, you can say that they have overlapping season wherein you can find these fishes at abundant population. This means you can enjoy catching them at one season and enjoy both qualities of these fishes. The entire family will have a blast in catching these fishes because of salmon and other fish species they can find in the area.

Without a doubt, Sitka Alaska salmon fishing is a fun activity to do while enjoying the beauty and tastes of these fishes. You can call these fishing lodges and ask them about the best season when you can catch the fishes you want to catch and maximize your vacation by doing several activities like swimming and reeling with your loved ones.

Source by Dan Skordahl

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