The Most Venomous Snakes In Africa

Africa has a wide range of venomous snakes. Some of these snakes include the Puff Adder, Black Mamba, Gaboon Viper, Egyptian Cobra and the Boomslang among other types. Most of these snakes will, under normal circumstance avoid any encounter with a human being.

1). Puff Adder – This is the most common venomous snake species widely spread in the Savannah grasslands of Africa, although they are good swimmers, they normally climb bushes with ease. They are heavily built and can reach a maximum length of up to 1.7 meters. They have a large, flexible triangular head that is suited for swallowing small mammals like rodents, birds, frogs and toads. Their venom is quite toxic and bites from this snake can cause severe swelling and bleeding which may lead to death if medical attention is not sort.

2). Black Mamba – This is a long and venomous snake that is native to Africa. It is the fastest snake in the world with speeds averaging 10 miles per hour. The Black Mamba normal habitat are the Savannah grasslands where there are massive rocks and stout trees to climb and rest. They are normally very shy and in most cases they retreat when intimidated by a predator. For it to feed, it has to wait for small mammals and birds to pass close by. A bite from a Black Mamba could easily kill you in under 30 minutes, unless an anti-venom is administered by a qualified doctor. The doctor should be able is able to monitor any violent reactions that may be accompanied by the administration.

3). Gaboon Viper – With its large and heavy body, it is the most beautiful and magnificent of all African venomous snakes you will ever see. It is most abundant in East Africa along the equator, thriving among the montane and coastal forests. Here, it uses the fallen leaves and dead litter to camouflage from any predators and to lie in wait for its next meal. Its thrives on eating small mammals and birds, though it can consume larger animals due to its expandable and large head. Its bite is very painful and is known to inject large quantities of venom, which is capable of killing virtually any animal that threatens it.

4). Egyptian Cobra – This snake is native to the Savannah grasslands of East Africa, Congo and the Northern part of Africa, in Egypt, where its symbol was used by the ancient Egyptians on the headdress of the royalty as a symbol of power over life and death . Its venom is neurotoxic. Once you are bitten, the nervous system break down, making the whole body numb and eventually death. These snakes are responsible for many of the snake bite deaths in Africa and the middle East.

5). Boomslang – This is a long and extremely venomous snake native to the Sub-Saharan Africa. Its endowed with a small head, large distinctive eyes and a slender body. The snake mostly resides on tree shrubs and is rarely seen on the ground. Their diet includes small mammals like rabbits, rodents and young birds; its favorite food is the chameleon. Its venom is highly potent to small animals, however, if it injects more venom, it could be lethal to humans. The venom of the Boomslang acts slowly, disabling the blood clotting process of its victim making them bleed to death.

Source by Jackline Mwathe

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