The Truth About DHA Fish Oil – A Great Secret Weapon For Your Health

Let's cut to the chase. Fish oil has become a hot commodity in today's vitamin and mineral supplement market. DHA fish oil is rich with its unique benefits for every individual regardless of his age. So what makes this particular supplement so special? Let us examine the history, benefits, and side effects of DHA for an answer.

Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA for short, is an Omega-3 polyunsatured acid. In scientific terms, DHA is also a carboxylic acid with a 22 carbon chain. Like EPA, human bodies do not naturally produce DHA but rather obtain it through supplements and foods.

Our main source of DHA is derived through cold ocean water fish that feed on Omega-3 rich algae. Also, our bodies can actively obtain DHA by deriving it from ALA fatty acid – the parent of both DHA and EPA abundant in plant sources such as flax seed.

The history of DHA starts with the discovery of Omega-3 fatty acid benefits back in the 1970s. Researchers then found that followers of fish-rich diets were less susceptible to cardiovascular disease and virus related diseases.

It took scientists another decade to find the essential link between DHA and the brain. 65% of the brain is made of essential fats; At least 25% of them are DHA fatty acids. Such a composition enables the brain to function at its highest capacities.

A deficiency, however; Can lead to depression, bipolar disease, memory loss, lowered mental performance, anxiety, and other stress related diseases.

Recent studies conducted are exploring the link between a DHA fish oil supplement and Alzheimer's disease. Patients in different stages of the disease were given a supplement to study the effect of DHA on memory and recollection. The study is expected to yield astonishing results.

Not to mention, breastfeeding mothers who take a regular DHA fish oil supplement pass on the benefits to their newborns. A study showed that newborns with higher levels of fish oil are in better health and possess a more efficient immune system.

To sum it up, DHA fish oil is the portal to our best health. Taking a DHA fish oil supplement is a sure-fire method to boost your immunity levels and enhance your mental performance.

Source by Shannon L Pollock

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