Three Basic Horse Racing Systems You Can Use Immediately

There are a number of horse racing systems that can be found on sites online and most of the time, for you to be able to use these, you have to spend good money to get them. Ordering these betting systems online can help you increase your odds of winning at certain races however, there is no 100% guarantee that every pick that you make with these systems can indeed make you win money on each bet. One of the ways you can find out if any of these systems work or simply try and see if systems like these do work to increase odds of winning is to try out a few of the free racing systems that you can find online before you purchase Those that give you bigger odds of winning.

Finding free horse racing systems for betting online can be something difficult if you do not know where to look but they are there. Here are a few of the free betting systems that can be found online and can be used to narrow down horse selections for certain races:

1. Points Based system – this kind of a betting system gets you to choose your horse for certain races with the help of a list of things that may give a horse points on your list. These things may include Beyer speed figures, trainer win percentage, jockey win percentage and whether the last race the horse raced on was dirt or turf. Adding up points with the use of this kind of a system actually helps you narrow down the list to a few of the horses that may stand a chance of winning and these are typically those that have the larger points at the end of your tally.

2. Speed ​​Selection system – this betting system is one that helps you find the horses you can bet on with the help of the process of elimination. You slowly eliminate horses on the list that you have for a certain race by coughing out horses that fit certain criteria that is set for elimination. For example, horses that did not run their last two races on the track that you are betting on today should be removed from your list of probable winners. You should also remove horses that did not run their races on a surface that is similar to the one that this current track has. You eliminate one horse after another with a set of eliminators until you end up with one or a few horses you can bet on. If after the elimination you find more than 4 horses, do not bet on this race.

3. Jockey Improvement system – there is something to be said about changing jockeys on a certain horse. A horse that showed promised in previous races with a different jockey and then gets a better jockey for the next races it is scheduled to do is worth keeping an eye on. This kind of an improvement usually means that the horse stands a huge chance of winning, specifically if the jockey with the high win percentage that is riding it made the choice.

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