Top Three Chicken House Run Factors

As you get ready to build your chicken house, it's vital that you make sure you are providing your chickens with a place to exercise. A run outside of the house works great for this, but there are three main things you need to consider prior to building the run to ensure that your chickens will use it and be safe while they do.

Many people jump too quickly into the building process, then wind up having to spend larger amounts of money to get it fixed down the road.

Here are the main three factors you must consider.

Length of the Chicken Run

The first thing you want to think about is the length of the path you plan to use. The more birds you are going to keep in your chicken coop, the larger you need to make it. Typically this is fairly easy considering the fact that you'll have more space when you have a larger coop, but do make sure you double check on this. Not providing your chickens with enough room will significantly decrease the amount they use it.

Type of Ground Floor

The type of ground floor you use will also have an impact on the amount of time the chicken run will last. You should avoid using pebbles in most cases since there is a higher chance that the chickens will peck at the pebbles, moving them all over the pace.

Pavement is another option but that is one that is a bit more costly and time consuming. A solid dirt floor is a smart idea for those who have this available, but you want to make sure it's really packed down.

Fence Surrounding The Run

Finally, be absolutely sure you are placing a fence surrounding the run. This will be vital so your chickens can move around freely without having to worry about predators that are after them.

You may think that you do not have that many predators that could get after your chickens, but do not overlook this – just when you think they are perfectly safe, you may run into problems.

So, be sure you're keeping these three main factors in mind as you go about the process of building a chicken house run. Doing it right the first time will save you money and frustration over the long term.

Source by Shannon Clark

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