Understanding the Barks of Your Dog

The way that a dog barks has been developed over the years by our training processes, we have adapted the dog to bark to help us out, and whether it is to round the sheep up on the farm or to deter intruders on our property, the dog’s bark is for a reason.

Proper training in dogs is important in many ways. It is important for us to be able to understand what a dog is trying to tell us. The important thing to do when a dog barks is to find out exactly why it is barking, not to try to keep him quiet by rewarding him with treats.

Some dogs bark very frequently as a way of trying to get your attention. If, however, you do just give your dog treats when he barks, this will just encourage him to bark more often.

Try not to encourage your dogs barking with rewards. If you wait until he is quiet before you give him a reward this will make him aware that quietness is the correct way of getting the attention he wants.

Dogs have been known to be so territorial that they will even bark at somebody that appears to be approaching you, even if they are on opposing sides of the road. You could try to distract your dog when they are barking. Once they have stopped give them a reward, this sends another positive message to the dog that not barking all the time is the proper thing to do.

If you are a dog owner you will know that taking the time to train your dog properly is a must. With the proper training you will always be able to tell what your dog is trying to tell you. This surely is a must win situation for the both of you. He does not have to bark all the time to get your attention and you have a peaceful life instead of the constant barking that could drive you mad.

Source by Michael Framball

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