What is an Out of Body Experience?

In this article we are going to look at the out of body experience and see if we shed a little light on this mysterious topic! If you are as absolutely captivated and excited about the paranormal as I am, I think you’ll find the whole topic absolutely fascinating! Read on as we explore.

First, a definition…..

The out of body experience ( or OBE) is when an individuals consciousness or perception separates from his or her physical body. Often people report having a birds eye view of their bodies, or a panoramic view of EVERYTHING around them…and well beyond their normal field of vision as well.

Is it common?

Very common – and some parapsychologists believe that 1 in 10 people will have some sort of OBE over the course of their lifetime. Like many transcendent or hard to explain experiences, many people simply don’t talk about it for fear of ridicule.

What an Out of Body Experience Mean?

Who really knows..? Most who have had the experience ( myself included) believe that it’s a concrete sign that our essence – a soul/spirit/energy is INDEED separate from our physical “shell”. My experience led me into a wonderful world of adventure and exploration…whereas before, I had no interest, desire or knowledge of altered states of consciousness, astral planes or anything paranormal at all!

Has it been studied by REAL scientists?

Yes, it most certainly has – often. There is OVERWHELMING evidence, as gleaned from mainstream scientific ( and often initially skeptical) studies that show something very real is happening during the OBE.

What that is of course…is up for debate! But NOT by those who have had one…simply those who try to UNDERSTAND everything rather than experiencing it themselves. I’m FAR happier embracing the mystery..:-)

Source by Tina Bardo

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