What You Need to Know About Terriers

Terriers are easily one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Seven different breeds of terriers exist around the world. In fact terriers are among the 50 most popular dogs worldwide. Its not surprising that such is the case. As a whole, terriers are pert companions. Playful and robust, these little dogs work well with people and offer a lot of love. As with any animal, they have certain personality quirks. But for the most part, terriers do not require a lot of maintenance, and grooming can be kept to a minimum. The Yorkshire Terrier deviates from this standard, however. It has a silky coat of fur that needs to be brushed daily to keep tangles from forming.

The Advantages of Terrier Ownership

Since terriers are nice temperaments and socialize easily with family and others, they get along with most people. The breed has a long life expectancy and can easily live to be seniors. At the same time, terriers seem to easily get into trouble and find joy in doing things that makes people laugh or pay attention to them.

Terriers are quite comfortable sitting beside their owners on the couch or a chair. They enjoy cuddling, but they are also easily distracted. Though small, terriers need to maintain some degree of physical activity. They enjoy chasing other animals or humans. Terriers normally favor the outdoors and take a certain affinity to wet and snowy weather. Their hair is water resistant for the most part. However, terriers should be kept inside during extreme weather.

Since they are small, terriers are fairly inexpensive to feed, as opposed to their larger breed counterparts.

Strong and sturdy, terriers are not prone to many medical conditions, if you purchase them from an accredited breeder. Some terriers have allergies or Von Willebrands Disease. Others may experience problems during birth, but breeders can screen for these conditions.

The average lifespan of a terrier ranges anywhere from 12 to 15 years. Even as they age, terriers remain alert and attentive to their surroundings.

The Trials of Terrier Ownership

As with any other breed, owning a terrier comes with its own unique set of challenges. Terriers are generally known for being barkers and for their ability to entertain themselves. They would rather be with people than be alone and show their emotions quite easily.

Terriers were originally bred for their hunting and digging abilities, and many terriers still retain those abilities. Because of their independence, terriers may have a hard time adjusting to other pets, especially if the dog has not been around many people or animals. Â They can also be quite obstinate in the sense that they will ignore commands and can as a result find themselves in tragic situations.

In an effort to protect their territory, terriers may confront breeds that are larger than themselves. They should also be watched in other public situations and be kept on a leash.

Even though terriers are quite friendly, they can be hard to train and snappy at times. You should watch terriers around children as they will nip if their food or toy is touched. Terriers, though adaptable to a variety of environments, may actually get bored with certain activities and will go off on their own. They will ignore training completely if you are not firm enough.

While terriers are responsive to praise and rewards, they do not respond well to punishment or criticism. In fact, they may become aggressive, if exposed to negative human behavior.

Though terriers are great companions to almost everyone, they do some very special care. They do well when they are trained consistently, and they thrive off of socialization and love.

Source by Jeff Nenadic

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