Why Are Archetypes Important?

Archetypes are like software of the psyche. Just like in a computer, there are different programs we live by and are useful in different situations – like achieving your goals, be close to someone and so forth. More often than not people go around their lives seeing the world though the archetype lenses and acting according to how they see the world without even being aware of that.

When the archetypal narratives that individuals have in their life are not brought into awareness, those mindsets rule them and those individuals are the prisoners of their own archetypal stories. Furthermore, for some people the same story or the same kinds of relationships repeat themselves over and over in their life without them being able to understand what the real triggers of those events and relationships are. It’s as if they live out those events over and over again until they do them “right” (in archetypal terms – they learn the lesson from the past, solve the task of the particular archetype, and receive the gift of knowing how to do things differently in the future) and break the cycle.

A study of the archetypes and the role they play in people’s lives is necessary to aid he individuals to know their stories and by knowing them, to be able to live them out in satisfactory way. Life experiences and learning from mistakes eventually brings the individual to the awareness which roads they want to take again and which ones they don’t want to walk though again. With this understanding the life of those individuals starts to improve gradually.

However, the use of a combination of the theory and application of the archetypes in everyday life and the assistance of a coach can significantly fasten this journey towards living an archetypal story in a fulfilling for the individual way for the client. Also, some of the lessons can be learned without going down the road of pain and suffering.

Source by Tsvetanka Petrova

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