Why Use a Dog Bed?

Many people have found that their dogs enjoy a dog bed, but there are more reasons to use a dog bed than just your dog enjoying it. Dog beds are meant to hold your dog in a way that they can sleep comfortably, cushion their bones, allows your dog to avoid drafts, and gives them a safe place to be in the house.

One of the best reasons to purchase a dog bed is to give your dog a safe place to lie. Dogs get tripped over, stepped on, and become anxious about sleeping on the floor, especially if they choose to lie down in a walking area. Giving them a dog bed gives them a safe place to curl up and sleep comfortably. In this way, they're out of the way, and can lie and sleep comfortably without the fear of being stepped on.

One of the other reasons to purchase a dog bed is to give your dog a comfortable place to sleep that not hard on their bones. Many dogs who are sleeping on the floor will become cold, arthritic and achy because of drafts and the hard floor. Especially those large breeds that have hip problems already, it just makes it worse. So a dog bed is not just good for comfort, it's also a healthier. Look for those dog beds that have plenty of cushions to protect your dog from the hard floor, and high sides to protect your dog from the drafts.

One of the nicest dog bed that have hit the market are those that are actually shaped like a regular bed, and move your dog anywhere's from a few inches to a half a foot off the ground. They will have legs just like a bed will, and also will have a cushioned mattress pad for your dog. It's great for allow your dog to get off the floor, sleep in a safe place, and keeps them healthier in their old age.

You'll also find those that are portable dog beds that are similar to those high rise dog beds that you would purchase for your home. Often, these are collapsible dog beds for camping and traveling, they again, allow your dog to get up off the ground. There's no doubt that a dog needs a safe place to be, and a dog bed can allow them comfort and safety even when you're camping or traveling.

Source by Karen Saffie

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